Guest Post!!!   I have come to believe that living in the diaspora can have an effect on the palate, I find myself craving foods that I didn't normally do so at home. Growing up I used to sit on the booth of my brother's car waiting, waiting for the vendors who would expertly balance… Continue reading Okpa!!


Oven-Fried Coconut chicken!

I apologize for being absent for some time. I have found that at the end of every semester I break down, feel sick or something. I went through a crazy strep throat that knocked me off for like a week, then had a crazy fever with chills. Anyways, I do love coconut A LOT, I… Continue reading Oven-Fried Coconut chicken!

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Emergency Nigerian Fried rice.

Nigerian fried rice, hmm what can I say? I grew up in Nigeria and I was an adventurous cook. I actually loved experimenting more than regular cooking. I remember cooking Nigerian fried rice with my elder brother CC, we worked through the recipe till we loved it. A lot of rice recipes in Nigeria are cooked… Continue reading Emergency Nigerian Fried rice.