Chronicles of my second missionary journey 4: Expecting and losing at the same time.

Wow, this is deep.
Ps, this is my younger sister.


GA: 4-6 weeks

I do not know how to feel these days. Expecting a child should be a thing of joy n’est pas? Losing a family member is a sorrowful period. I am caught between these two emotions, it is safe to say that my emotions are a train wreck right now. I cannot rejoice, I dare not cry. My expression remains bland. Hubby often times can’t read me, is she depressed over her brothers illness or is she just having morning sickness?

Today, I receive bad news…. my brother has passed. I am distraught, my emotions sink further. Even my daughter is helpless. She senses mummy is not okay but she has no idea why.

This is a trying time for everyone around me. I am treated like an egg about to crack. “Don’t cry, it’s not good for the baby”. “Remember your condition”. All these nuggets of advice…

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Jellof Rice!!

  Growing up in Nigeria, we ate a lot of rice, during parties, weddings, birthdays, funerals etc you name it and rice was always present. It could be in different forms like coconut jellof rice, fried rice, white rice and tomato stew, etc in different forms. We usually use long grain rice like Uncle Ben's… Continue reading Jellof Rice!!